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Aixtron Aix 3000 production MOCVD for sale Listing ID: 146

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 AIXTRON AIX 3000 MOCVD Planetary Reactor systems, 96x2 hi volumne reactor, MO-IR3000 Heating unit, MOE-3000 Growth Cabinet, MO-V300 Low Pressure System, MO-EO Control Cabinet, MO-GO Gas Blending Cabinet, Various support equipment, can inspect, Installed, qualified and operational for approximately 3 to 5 years.

Used to grow InGaP material on Ge and AlInGaP based orange and green light-emitting diodes(LEDs)

Deinstalled by professionals and crated, stored in environment controlled area in shipping crates.

Original purchase price was: $2.17 Million each

Process materials:
Trimethylaluminum, (CH3)3Al, Trimethylgallium, (CH3)3Ga, Trimethylindium, (CH3)3In, Dimethylzinc, (CH3)2Zn, Phosphine, PH3, Arsine, AsH3, etc.

MO-R3000 AIX MOVPE Reactor:
Integrated in stainless steel glovebox
Water-cooled stainless steel and aluminum reactor (three compartments)
Quartz plate
Gas distributor
Exhaust gas collector
Hydraulic lift for reactor lid
Double O-ring system with Leybold D1.6 pump
Graphite susceptor (96 x 2" wafers)
Tools for handling transfer system unit

MO-IR3000 AIX 3000 Infrared Heating unit:
30 x IR stripe heaters (total 132 kW)
Power control unit (thyristor system)
Current distribution, fused, individual control
Electronic control system with Eurotherm 818S
Water-cooling system

MOE-3000 Growth Cabinet:
Glovebox with automatic pressure control containing:
Planetary Reactor™ AIX 3000
Inert gas purification system for glovebox
(achievable gas purity 1 ppm H2O and O2, filters regenerative)
Control panel for glovebox
Low Pressure Operating Unit MO-V3000 AIX 3000
Transfer chamber for reactor parts
Wafer transfer chamber, N2 blow off gun
Hydraulic system for reactor lid operation (open/close)

MO-V3000 Low Pressure System:
High capacity particulate