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Agilent 86141B Optical Spectrum Analyzer with option H17 Listing ID: 307

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Agilent 86141B Optical Spectrum Analyzer opt. H17 NEW

The Agilent 86141B is a benchtop optical spectrum analyzer (OSA). It functions as a standard OSA when the Monochrometer Output connector is connected to the Photodetector Input via a FC/PC-FC/PC fiberoptic jumper cable. The configuration of the 86141B (compared to the 86140B) allows the unit to also operate in Filter Mode or Power Meter Mode because it has external access to the Photodetector Input and Monochrometer Output.

In the Filter Mode, the analyzer acts as a fixed-tuned, variable wavelength, variable bandwidth, bandpass filter. It filters the input light at a specified wavelength. The filtered light is available at the front-panel monochromator output connector. Adjust the analyzer’s resolution bandwidth to change the amount of filtering. (Any of the resolution bandwidths may be chosen.) One application of the preselector mode is the filtering (that is, selecting) of one particular mode of a laser source, also for DWDM single-channel dropping.

In the Power Meter Mode, the instrument displays the broadband power of the input light over time. The input light is directly connected to the instrument’s photodetector. This bypasses the internal monochromator and prevents any filtering by the resolution bandwidth filters. With power meter mode, you can perform the following:

• Measure total power of broadband light sources
• Monitor power as a function of time

Monitoring power enables you to observe both long and short term drift and to perform real-time adjustments.

What is the difference between a standard 86141B and an 86141B with option H17?

Agilent replied with:

The standard 86141B has a multimode preselector output and the photodetector input. As a user, you have the ability turn on and off the 50/125um monochromator output via an internal switch.

The 86141B Option H17 is a standard optical spectrum analyzer that has been modified to provide preselector capability for single mode (9/125um) applications. H17 has (2) monochromator outputs (9/125 and 50/125 um) and the photodetector input (50/125um). This modification greatly increases the instruments susceptibility to vibration and temperature for preselector operation. Spectrum analyzer operation is not affected. The internal transfer switch has been removed. This special option requires a jumper to be installed on the front panel from monochromator output.

Notice - All items included are listed or displayed above.

• Optical Interface: PC
• Optical Input: 9/125 µm
• Photodetector Input: 50/125 µm
• (2) Monochromator Outputs: 9/125 µm and 50/125 µm
• Opt 004: 1300/1550 Internal EELED Source
• Opt 006: Wavelength Calibrator - The wavelength calibrator option provides an onboard wavelength reference that can be used to automatically calibrate the optical spectrum analyzer. The calibrator is based on an EELED and an Acetylene gas absorption cell. The wavelength calibrator enhances the OSA to achieve better than ±10 pm wavelength accuracy and removes the need to use a tunable laser source and multi-wavelength meter as an external reference.
• Opt H17: Modification to provide preselector capability for single mode (9/125 um) applications. The internal transfer switch has been removed. This special option requires a jumper to be installed on the front panel from monochromator output to photodetector input for OSA operation.
• Internal applications: Passive Components, WDM Spectrum, Amplifier Test, Source Tests, Filter Mode, and Power Meter Mode