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Newport Laser diode burn-in and life test system Listing ID: 153

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Newport 128 channel COC/COS laser diode burn-in and life test system with turn key operation. Include four Newport 8016 modular controller and one 9008 modular controller.Each 8016 has installed 16 dual channel current driver modules. 9008 come with 8 TE modules. Include also one Agilent 34970A, and one UPS for working during power outrage. 8 coc/cos mounting fixtures. All components are mounted in 19 inch equipment rack. There is also rack mountable Note book computer and pull out keyboard and mouse tray in the rack. Can demonstrate. The system can handle any number of laser diode from 1 to 128. Each laser can be independently programed for both current and temperature. And LI curve, constant power, temp vs power, etc. measurement can be taken in real time.

Newport's Laser Diode Burn-In & Life Test System houses 128 channels in one 38U rack. The rack contains control and measurement electronics, test fixtures, and uninteruptable power supply (UPS).

The (64) Dual Output 8515D Laser Diode Driver (LDD) modules in the (4) Newport 9016 Modular Controllers provide 128-Channels @ 1,500 mA of current and a compliance voltage of up to 3.5 V. Both Constant Power (APC) and Constant Current (ACC) modes are available. Constant power mode operation utilizes a large area silicon photodiode, which is part of the test fixture. Forward current, forward voltage, and optical power are all measured at a resolution of 16-bits.

The (8) 8350 TEC modules in the Newport 9008 Modular Controller provide up to 2A of current and a compliance voltage of up to 4V. The temperature of each laser diode is measured and recorded for increased temperature accuracy.

Newport's Modular Drawer Interface makes interchanging devices fast and effortless. These Modular Drawer laser diode fixtures can be designed to work with any package needed by the user. Newport can be contacted regarding purchasing new drawers to interface to this system, or a custom fixture can be designed by the end-user interfacing to the standard D-sub connectors. On the back side of each Drawer, there are (6) 26-pin D-sub connectors. Of these, (4) connect to eight Dual 8515D Laser Diode Driver Modules in a Model 9016 chassis (to drive the laser diodes), (1) connects to an 8350 TEC Driver Module in the Model 9008 chassis (to drive the TECs), and (1) connects to the Agilent 34970A (to take photodiode readings). This system is currently configured to hold COS (Chip on Submount) laser diodes.

The (8) Modular, Removable Drawers are designed to hold laser diodes for the purpose of burn-in. Spring loaded "pogo pins" secure each chip-on-submount device to a temperarure-controlled plate and provide electrical connection with the anode and cathode contact pads. These fixtures hold up to sixteen laser diodes. Each fixture has two peltier coolers to control the plate temperature. A large area silicon photodiode measures the optical output of each laser diode. Each photodiode is angled 8 degrees to prevent back reflections to the laser diode.

An interuptable power supply is supplied to act as a continuous voltage regulator and transient suppresser. In the event of power failure, the UPS switches to battery backup power and notifies the computer.

A Pentium laptop computer is included with the system and is located in one of the rack drawers for easy acces. Communication with the system and is handled over an IEE488 interface. A comprehensive software package allows complete control, measurement, and analyses including laser diode burn-in life testing.

The Newport Custom Burn-In System is designed for the complete burn-in testing of laser diode packages. The rack system can be installed and used as an independent, stand alone system or it can be connected to a network with other systems.

Newport Model 9016
The Model 9016 Modular Controller houses and manages the dual output laser diode driver modules for the rack system.

Newport Model 9008
The Model 9008 Modular Controller houses and manages the thermoelectric cooling and heating (TEC) modules for the rack system.

Agilent 34970A
The Agilent 34970A consists of a three-slot mainframe with a built-in 6 ½ digit DMM. On-module screw-terminal connections eliminate the need for terminal blocks and a unique relay maintenance feature counts every closure on every switch for easy, predictable relay maintenance.

Agilent 34908A
Use the Agilent 34908A module for the 34970A Data Acquisition/Switch Unit for the greatest density in common-low applications, such as battery test, component characterization, and benchtop testing. Each module switches 40 one-wire inputs.

APC 3000 Smart-UPS
Provides clean, uninterupted power for all devices connected to the UPS. The UPS guards against power spikes and drops that may damage equipment. Also provides battery backup for a limited amount of time in the event of a power failure, giving the user enough time to properly and safely turn the system power off.

 Technical Specifications:

8515D LDD Module Output Current Range (mA): 0 - 1500
Output Current Resolution (mA): 0.1
Compliance Voltage (V): Up to 3.5
8350 TEC Module:
Temperature Range: -100.00 to 240.00°C
Temperature Accuracy: Typical ±0.1°C
Sensor Type: NTC, 2-wire Thermistor
Output: Bipolar, low noise, Max Current 2A, Max Voltage 4V
Short-Term Stability (1 h): 0.0005°C
Long-Term Stability (24 h): 0.001°C